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GENEPRO COLLAGEN (100% Flavorless)

Size: 30 Serving

GENEPRO PROTEIN: The industry leader in science backed protein products. Genepro and Ingredient Optimized(iO) have partnered up to bring the industries most advanced Collagen Peptide to hit the market. 

PEPTIPLUS® io.Collagen™: Superior HYLORIZED collagen THAT IS MADE IN SMALLER FRAGMENTS THAT ARE EASIER TO ABSORB. Genepro Collagen is a next-generation collagen powder that features an never-before seen PEPTIPLUS® io.Collagen™ - this collagen is still the hydrolyzed I & III types that you’re used to except that it’s been bombarded with high frequency plasma to improve bioavailability and increase absorption up to 3 times over standard collagen peptide. Genepro Collagen as been exposed to high-frequency atmospheric plasma - making the actual particles of the collagen more absorbable because they are able to make better surface-area contact with the body’s tissues. Not all proteins are created equal. 

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Initially, the body naturally produces its own supply of collagen which it relies on to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, and digestive lining. Long ago the human diet consisted of collagen-rich staples such as organ meats, boiled down bones, cartilage, tendons and all the "grisly" pieces of the animal. While extremely rich in collagen, eating a daily diet like this isn't very convenient or appetizing in the busy modern world. As a result, today's modern diet is missing the rich source of dietary collagen that helps replenish the body's natural collagen levels.

At Last, A Simple, Convenient, Scientifically-Backed Way To Add Collagen To Your Diet Every Day In Only Seconds!

Every scoop of Genepro Grass-Fed Collagen is consistently formulated with 11 grams of the highest-quality grass-fed, Type I and Type III collagen which makes up 90 percent of all the collagen in your body and is critical for maintaining the youthful function and appearance of the skin, hair, nails, lean muscle metabolism, smooth digestion and so much more. Using an advanced hydrolyzed collagen peptide formula and the patent pending plasma treatment process, Genepro's collagen powder allows for maximum absorption and potency. This means it can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the body to rebuild joint strength, fill in fine lines and promote graceful aging much more effectively than non-hydrolyzed collagen brands. 


Replenish Collagen Back To Youthful Levels With Genepro Grass-Fed Collagen

By now it’s clear that supplementing with Genepro Grass-Fed Collagen provides a convenient workaround for overcoming the inevitable age-related decline.And since collagen loss begins around the age of 30, experts strongly stress that it’s important to start replacing as soon as possible.  But how you supplement is just as important as the quality of the collagen. Therefore when it comes to replenishing collagen levels, it is important to replace it correctly to get the full benefits. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and money.


Clinically-Proven Results With Every Scoop

Our convenient 11g-scoop makes it easy to measure the precise amount of Genepro Grass-Fed Collagen to add to your diet. Here’s the scoop on how much collagen protein you should take, depending on your goals and needs:

Here are 9 science-backed health benefits of taking collagen.

1. May improve skin health & elasticity 
2. May relieve joint pain
3. May prevent bone loss
4. May boost lean muscle
5. May promote hearth health
6. Hair and Nails: Taking collagen may increase the strength of your nails by preventing brittleness. Additionally, it may help your hair and nails grow longer
7. Improve Gut health: Although no scientific evidence supports this claim, some health practitioners assert that collagen supplements can treat leaky gut syndrome, also called intestinal permeability.
8. Improve Brain Health: No studies have examined the role of collagen supplements in brain health, but some people claim that they improve mood and reduce anxiety symptoms.
9. Helps Promote Weight Loss: Proponents believe that collagen supplements may promote weight loss and faster metabolism. However, no studies support these claims.
Mixes in anything with no change in taste or consistency
Mixes in anything with no change in taste or consistency


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