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GENEPRO GEN3 + CHEATZ 2-In-1 Bundle: Next-Generation Protein + Max-Strength Carb Blocker

  • COMPLETE PROTEIN SOLUTION – This is a highly pure and flavorless protein powder that is ideal for everyday use as well as for patients recovering from bariatric surgery. This gluten free protein powder boosts your immune system and helps you heal faster.
  • MAX-STRENGTH 3-IN-1 CARB BLOCKER - Take CHEATZ before your carb-rich meal or snack to help limit the carb and sugar absorption.
  • PERFECT FOR KETO DIET - Each 30G of protein serving of GENEPRO is only 57.8 calories. CHEATZ helps further reduce calorie intake so you can reach ketosis faster.
  • UNFLAVORED PROTEIN POWDER – You can mix GENEPRO with any of your favorite beverages. Odorless, flavorless, and sugar-free: it goes well with soda, juice, smoothies, and coffee.
  • BUNDLE SAVINGS, COMBINED RESULTS - Save and enjoy the synergy of GENEPRO protein plus CHEATZ blend of carb blockers, including Chitosan, Gymnema Syvestre Leaf, and Garcinia Cambogia. 


This bundle is perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of their low-carb diet by combining 30 servings of GENEPRO Protein with MUSCLEGEN’s CHEATZ Maximum-strength carb-blocker. Get the best protein-per-calorie ratio with GENEPRO while limiting carb and sugar absorption with CHEATZ. 

GENEPRO products are perfect for everyday people like you. There is no need to be a gym rat or a marathon runner to benefit from our premium protein supplements. GENEPRO Micronized Protein is formulated in a way to mitigate gastric distress typically related to other whey protein products and is perfect for anyone looking to add pure protein to their diet.

CHEATZ blends 3 types of powerful carbohydrate blockers to enhance your low-carb diet. Being on a low carb diet can be tough, and when you're eating out or on the run it's almost impossible....until now that is. Take CHEATZ before your carb-rich meal or snack to help limit the carb and sugar absorption.  With CHEATZ you can cheat your diet, but not yourself!