GENEPRO Fruity Oh's Flavor Premium Low-Calorie Protein Powder



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You might be thinking: "flavored GENEPRO??" Since we are known for being "flavorless", it took us 7 years to develop a flavorless protein that we are truly satisfied with.
Since many of our customers rely on GENEPRO every single day, sometimes they don't always feel like making a shake, and other times our customers just wanted to mix things up.

We think you will enjoy them, even if flavored proteins aren't really your thing:
  • SAME GREAT GENEPRO, NOW WITH FLAVORS: low-calorie natural flavors for healthy and delicious protein-packed beverage, instantly. No shaker bottles required.
  • FRUITY OH’S FLAVOR – sweet and savory tropical flavor mixes and dissolves easily in any beverage. Pairs well with milk, non-dairy milk, and even water.
  • PREMIUM PROTEIN POWDER – Highly refined protein without the filler: ideal for everyday use as well as for people recovering from bariatric surgery.
  • LOW-CALORIE + HIGH PROTEIN– Offering a 26.4 gram equivalent serving for 51.7 calories based on our government clinical trial ID: NCT02919657.
  • GLUTEN FREE NON GMO PROTEIN – This is a gluten free, non GMO, FODMAP, protein powder with natural flavors and less than 1g of sugar. It is great for people with sugar sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, and lactose intolerance.



Compared to 31% for regular Whey Protein. We remove bacteria and impurities in the base protein, bypassing the intestinal digestive system by 94% and thus allowing almost immediate absorption. Our ongoing clinical trials back up these numbers.

U.S. Clinical Trial: NCT02919657


GENEPRO's small molecule size allows it to deliver protein more efficiently compared to traditional whey. Consider the analogy of two cars: one with 20MPG and another with 60MPG. Given the same amount of gas, the 60MPG car is able to travel three times further. This is what makes GENEPRO different: you don't need to consume large clumpy scoops of protein any longer to hit your protein requirements.


GENEPRO is the easy and clean way to add protein to your diet. Designed with low gastric impact in mind, get your protein without cramps and stomach aches you may get from traditional protein powders. GENEPRO is an approved FODMAP FRIENDLY product.


You can pair GENEPRO with just about anything (yes, even flavored GENEPRO). Add it to a smoothie, or mix it into milk/non-dairy milk. You can even mix it with water. No shaker bottle required.