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Superior “Hydrolyzed” 100% Flavorless Collagen Protein

The next-generation collagen powder that features a never-before-seen PEPTIPLUS® io.Collagen to increase absorption up to 3 times over standard collagen peptide.

FODMAP Certified and suitable for bariatrics patients, people with diabetes and lactose intolerance…  and anyone else who wants to get 3x the collagen without changing their diet.

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"My skin and hair already seem healthier!"

"This is such a silky protein powder. I can't believe there's absolutely no flavor, and no change in texture of your liquids or foods. I appreciate the addition of collagen, and the benefits as I age. My skin and hair already seem healthier after one bag!"
- Jill B.

GENEPRO: The Better Way To Get Collagen

GENEPRO's small molecule size allows it to deliver protein 3x more efficiently compared to traditional whey protein solution. We even have 10 clinical trials to prove it.

  • Lactose-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • ​Zero Sugar


3rd Party Tested

Low Calorie Collagen

100% Natural & Non-GMO

What Makes GENEPRO Better?

99.99% Absorbency

GENEPRO's collagen formula bypasses the intestinal digestive system by 94%, allowing for almost immediate absorption.

Zero Bloating

GENEPROis the easy and clean wayto get your collagen & protein without suffering through the cramps or stomach aches you would get from other commercial collagen supplements.

Unrivaled Mixability

The days of thick, hard to swallow collagen powders are over. GENEPROis flavorless so you can get your collagen effortlesslywhile enjoying your favorite foods and drinks.

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Take Control Of Your Collagen!

GENEPRO is perfect for those looking to add low-calorie, pure, grass-fed collagen to their daily routine and diet. It's formulated to minimize gastric distress and is the perfect addition to any liquid, baked goods, vegetables or yogurt.


Sports Drinks


Baked Goods





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Here’s what’s inside…

  • Discover just how easy it is to add GENEPRO Protein to just about anything with over 80 different recipes!
  • Significantly improve the nutritional composition of your favorite meals and enhance your daily protein intake with a wide variety of delicious breakfasts, dinners and desserts.
  • Want to learn how to turn a 325-calorie french omelette with 20g protein... into a 244-calorie french omelette with 52g of protein WITHOUT giving up flavor? Get access to this easy omelette trick and more inside this Cookbook.

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