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How much protein should I be consuming everyday?

We’ve heard it all, and you probably have to. The truth is, there is no “one size fits all” answer; and it would be irresponsible for us to claim there is. However, wouldn't it be nice to know how much of that protein shake your body is actually using??? Unfortunately with most brands out there it’s only around 33%; but with Genepro, your body is utilizing 99.9% of each serving. Helping you not only achieve your goals faster, but also saving you some money in the process!

What is ImmunoLin, and how will it help me reach my goals?

Strong evidence links obesity to inflammation throughout the body. ImmunoLin removes bacterial toxins that cause inflammation in the GI tract leading to restoration of the gut barrier. By improving the health of your gut lining and reducing intestinal inflammation, you may protect yourself against obesity and unwanted weight gain.

Where is Genepro made?

Genepro is made 100% in the U.S.A.

Can I still use Genepro if I have food allergies like lactose intolerance and gluten?

Yes! Genepro is both lactose free (FODMAP certified) and gluten free, we test each batch just to make sure! Genepro is zero carb and sugar free, making it a great choice for those living with insulin sensitivity.

Will Genepro help with my ketogenic diet?

Anyone on a Keto diet should understand that many factors contribute to ketosis but limiting carbohydrates is probably the most important factor. If you aren't consuming additional carbs elsewhere, we believe that GENEPRO can definitely help you reach ketosis. Although whey naturally has carbohydrate content, Genepro is not only carbohydrate free, we have also completely eliminated sugar from GENEPRO, which is perhaps the most harmful source of unnecessary carbohydrates and calories often found in traditional protein powders.

Is Genepro safe for my weight loss journey?

Yes, and yes! Protein is unarguably the most important macro nutrient for weight loss. Supplementing your diet with Genepro can help boost metabolism, prevent or restore thinning hair, reduce appetite by helping you feel fuller for longer, and have a positive effect on weight-regulating hormones.

Can I mix Genepro into my family's meals as well?

Of course, in fact we encourage it!. Genepro’s flavorless profile gives you the ability to add it into virtually any recipe without changing the taste or texture. Genepro can be baked, stirred, and simmered for up to 20 minutes, not exceeding 400 degrees F without losing its nutritional value. All things combined, Genepro is the perfect way to sneak a serving of immune boosting protein onto those picky eaters plates.

Where can I read more about the science behind Genepro?

Click here to nerd out.