Introducing: GENEPRO FLAVORS. These are the first new GENEPRO Products in 7 Years!

Introducing: GENEPRO FLAVORS. These are the first new GENEPRO Products in 7 Years!

For 7 years, we have focused on bringing you the best premium protein powder that we can. We have refined the recipe many times to improve absorption, ease-of-use, and a flavorless profile.. until now.

We know what you're thinking: "flavored GENEPRO??" Since we are known for being "flavorless", we thought the same thing too at first. But more and more customers requested a flavored GENEPRO. At first we thought: "why?" But eventually we realized "why not?" and started development. It took us a few tries. In fact, it took several years and many failed recipes until we were fully satisfied with the result.

If you're wondering about the original GENEPRO, don't worry - the original isn't going anywhere and will remain our core product. We actually think that it makes sense to have some flavored GENEPRO alongside the original in case you want to mix up a quick and tasty protein-packed beverage.


We listened to customer feedback about how they typically use GENEPRO. They love the flavorless aspect of the original, but many of them simply were seeking variety. Some of them are seeking flavors for the convenience (allows them to use less ingredients, which sometimes can be unhealthy additions). Others simply just enjoyed flavored powders.

Sometimes they don't always feel like making a shake, and other times our customers just wanted to mix things up. We wanted so badly to maintain the benefits of the original GENEPRO. Finally, we reached a point where we reached that goal.

Here's why we think you'll enjoy these:

✓ It's still low-calorie + high protein: we accomplish this by using a combination of monk fruit and stevia.
✓ It's still just as easy to mix/dissolve.
✓ We use natural flavors and no artificial coloring. (The color looks similar to the original GENEPRO).
✓ We can only speak for ourselves, but we have really been digging these flavors.

The flavored versions of GENEPRO are not going to have the exact same calorie-to-protein ratio of the original GENEPRO. But it's still pretty great, and a whole lot better than traditional whey protein powder. Plus, the idea is that you can forgo adding empty calories to your beverage and just add the flavored GENEPRO instead.


This is the perfect flavor for mornings. We made this flavor to be be paired with coffee because that's how many of our customers enjoy our GENEPRO (some of us here at GENEPRO prefer it this way too). Now you don't need to add the creamer and sugar, you can easily make a rich, creamy mocha with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate taste.

FRUITY OH’S - $39.79 - BUY NOW

In terms of a fruity flavor, we didn't just want to make something too typical and one-dimensional (for example, strawberry). Instead, Fruity Oh's is a flavor that isn't overwhelming with saccharine sweetness. Instead, it's rather smooth - there's a subtle and even savory satisfaction to it, but you still get to enjoy a bright tropical taste. You can put it in smoothies and yogurt. Add it to milk/non-dairy milk to mix up a quick shake any time of the day.


French Toast is often thought of as a breakfast food. You can pair this flavor with coffee, but it offers a bit more flexibility compared to the Mocha flavor. Rather than chocolate, this French Toast flavor provides a luscious blend of spices with a hint of vanilla. It's got a nice balance between sweetness and savory umami flavor. Because of this, you can really pair it with just about anything.

We hope you enjoy these new GENEPRO flavors! As a special introductory offer, you can try all 3 flavors at a 15% cost-savings in our bundle (plus a free GENEPRO Cookbook Digital Download). 

GENEPRO FLAVORS 3-Pack Bundle with: French Toast, Fruity Oh's, and Mochaccino + FREE GENEPRO COOKBOOK (DIGITAL) - $107.55 - BUY NOW

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