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GENEPRO is the complete Protein Solution™ that is both unflavored, and free of any sugars, fillers, and un-usable calories.
Since 2014, Genepro Protein has consistently used the latest science to create, unarguably, the best Protein Solution on the market for bariatric patients, athletes, seniors, and your families. These advances in nutritional sciences garnished Genepro Protein the Business Journals Life Sciences Award in 2015 for Impact Product of the Year. Genepro users may come from all walks of life, but they do have one thing in common: They (you) deserve the highest quality of protein available.
OUR GOAL: GENEPRO Generation 3

Our goal has always been to be THE Protein Solution for a vast variety of health conditions, dietary restrictions, and wellness goals.  This has always been realistic for us by not being afraid to change, adapt, and innovate.  We believe it’s  the only true way to always offer Genepro users the best available ingredients and science this world has to offer. And we listen. We are now offering the original Generation 2 (without Immunolin) but put through the plasma process for a new Gen3 that offers the best of both worlds (no flavor, no grit, easy to mix). We also heard you and are bringing back the bags. This seems to be a favorite amongst the Genepro loyal and we wanted to get back to our roots of affordable and obstainable packaging.

GENEPRO uses no filler ingredients and it's formulated to be easily digestible. This makes it a great choice for those with sensitivities such as gluten or lactose. It's also an ideal choice for anyone who has difficulty eating, such as during post-surgery recovery. It's a popular choice among weight-loss surgery patients, both during and after recovery.