How Much Protein Do I Need in a Day?

The age old question with a not so simple answer. So let’s focus on the things that we do know for certain, like absorption and bioavailability.

We know that whey protein isolate takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes to digest. We also know that your body can only absorb whey protein isolate at 8-10 grams per hour.

So let’s say you pick up a protein powder from the store, and it says it contains 30 grams of protein per serving. How long would it take for you to absorb all that protein?

30 grams / 10 grams per hour = 3 hours

But remember, we only have at most 90 minutes, and in some cases 60 minutes. At most you will absorb 15 grams of protein, and in most cases closer to 10. So what happens to the rest of the protein? You guessed it, right down the toilet, along with your hard earned money. In addition, all that extra protein can become very harmful to not only your digestive system, but your kidneys as well.
Keep in mind, this is a best case scenario.

There are other factors to consider...where is the base protein powder being sourced? How is it processed, manufactured, and stored? What else is being added such as sugars, preservatives, and unnecessary fillers. Does it contain lactose? Most of us fall somewhere on the lactose intolerant spectrum from mild to severe...this can cause major underlying problems over time.

Some things to look out for….

If you feel bloated or gassy after your protein shake, it might be time to look for a new one.
If the serving size is 30 grams, but the protein per serving is only 24 grams; you may want to take a much closer look at the ingredients. That extra powder is usually coming from sweeteners, preservatives, and other useless fillers.

Beware of “cheap” protein powders. They are cheap for a reason. After eight years of doing this, we know all too well the horrors that come with a “cheap” protein powder. It’s like anything else….the cheaper they are selling it, the cheaper they are buying it, and the cheaper it is being made. Not a good situation for your health.

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